A round-up

FGDP(UK) National Study Day 2019

11 Oct 2019

Etihad Stadium, Manchester

Having battled with the Manchester rush hour traffic on a shocking morning of wind and rain and then splashed my way from the puddle strewn car park to reception I fervently hoped that the day would improve considerably as I signed in for the first ever national event for FGDP(UK) members and dental colleagues.

I was not to be disappointed.

"it was a super study day with first class speakers who held the attention of the audience from start to finish"

A warm coffee and a bacon roll hit the spot and set all delegates up for the day as we headed upstairs to the ‘Legends Lounge’ of the Etihad Stadium.

We were warmly welcomed by Ian Mills (Dean FGDP(UK)) who thanked the audience for attending and emphasised the usefulness and benefits of such meetings compared to the less interactive world of on line learning which is omnipresent in current life.

Matthew Holyoak was first up to talk about ‘Life After Tooth Wear’. He began with a light hearted survey of the audience relating to preference of toilet roll hanging. The result was a way above average correct result which confirmed that we were indeed a rather obsessive group with our approach regarding attention to detail and accuracy – clearly not a bad thing in our profession! Matthew built his presentation around erosion, attrition, abrasion and abfraction and used a variety of his cases as reference points for both diagnosis and treatment. He covered so much relating to the challenge of tooth surface loss such as: awareness of the current ‘erosion epidemic’ and the difficulties which we encounter on a daily basis as we attempt to treat; the need to advise patients that the treatment provided will fail at some point and require to be repaired or replaced; the importance of good treatment planning and allocating plenty of time to undertake treatment. Matthew also emphasised the importance of a conservative approach unlike the aggressive and destructive approach which many of the audience had been taught.

matthew holyoak lecturing
FGDP implant course

The second speaker was Finlay Sutton who spoke on ‘Life After Implant Failure’. Finlay advised us that at an early stage of his career he was told by a certain professor (who shall remain nameless although Finlay told us who it was) that he was ‘f***ing s***e at dentures – somewhat of a contrast to teaching techniques of today! However Finlay acknowledged that maybe he wasn’t as good as he thought he was and under the guidance of the esteemed professor whom he regarded so very highly he worked on improving his skills to improve the quality of care which he was providing. Clearly Finlay is not a snowflake! Finlay added some more realism to his talk by detailing a case where he had felt significantly stressed by the patient involved and emphasised the need for all practitioners to develop a coping mechanism for such situations by way of such things as social activities and interaction with friends and colleagues – sound advice for all. Finlay spoke about implant failures and the varied reasons why this can happen – as with Matthew he used case presentations of his own patients throughout. Finlay provided guidance on impression techniques; materials used; full and partial denture design - in particular the design which he finds to be most successful when providing partial chrome cobalt dentures.

The speakers’ presentations were punctuated by morning and afternoon coffee breaks and a delicious buffet lunch which allowed delegates to catch up with colleagues and an opportunity to circulate amongst the many and varied exhibitors who had sponsored the event.


Many will have witnessed the situation at conferences and lectures where an opportunity to ask questions is given at the end of the presentation and is often met with a resounding silence. However on this occasion the opposite was encountered with questions still being asked some 20 minutes after the final presentation until Adrian Bennett (Director FGDP (UK) North West) reluctantly had to step in and bring things to a close. Clearly a confirmation that the day had been a success.

Adrian thanked all involved for their contribution to what was clearly a very successful day and invited all delegates to the ensuing drinks reception to allow for further social interaction combined with the opportunity to chat with the speakers on an informal basis.

In summary it was a super study day with first class speakers who held the attention of the audience from start to finish and can only help to encourage delegates to attend next year’s event at the Science Museum in Manchester. As a lifelong Manchester City fan the only thing missing was an appearance by the legend that is Colin Bell but perhaps that was beyond the scope of the Faculty!

Lindsay C. Milton

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